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Azimuth thruster 

Azimuth thruster can provide power to ships within a range of 360°, and are particularly suitable for engineering ships and  ships that require dynamic positioning. Our product range of azimuth thruster covers conventional type, traction type, retractable type, swing up type and counter-rotating type, All types of products adopt standardized, modular and serialized design. According to different ship types and requirements, we can provide users with the optimized propulsion system solutions, so as to achieve the requirements of high product efficiency and low energy consumption.


Main parameter

Specific parameters:
Blade form: controllable pitch or fixed pitch
Power range:
Conventional type azimuth thruster (maximum 5000kW)
Traction type azimuth thruster (maximum 5000kW) 
Counter-rotating type azimuth thruster (maximum 3700kW)
Retractable type azimuth thruster (up to 4000kW)
Swing up type azimuth thruster (maximum 2000kW)
Slewing drive mode: electric motor drive or hydraulic motor drive