Controllable pitch propeller

The company has independently developed a full series of WP controllable pitch propellers, which are suitable for various types of special ships, offshore service ships, multi-purpose ships, dredgers, marine surveillance ships and fire-fighting ships. The product is designed based on the concept of standardization, modularization and serialization, which is equivalent to foreign advanced technology, and the product performance has reached the advanced level of foreign countries in the same period, and is in a leading position in China. It has an integrated design and development platform for the main propulsion system, and has the ability to design and support the main engine, flexible coupling, gearbox, controllable pitch propeller and shafting, and remote control system. Compared with domestic equivalent products, WP controllable pitch propeller has the advantages of high power-to-weight ratio, large load capacity, and high propulsion efficiency.


Main parameter

Detail parameter:
Maximum hub diameter: ~2500mm
Number of blades: 3, 4, 5
Maximum power of single propeller: ~60MW;
Maximum working pressure of hydraulic system: 4-10MPa