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—— Brief introduction of After-sales Service Center ——

  The company has a complete after-sales service system, adheres to "customer-centric" concept, and is committed to providing customers with full life cycle services. Through preventive inspections, rapid response, accurate diagnosis, and timely repair, the company provides strong protection for customers and brings added value to customers.


  The after-sales center currently has a service team of 60 people, with 25 professional management personnel, 35 professional technical personnel, of which more than 40 have senior titles. With four functions of commissioning service, warranty service, spare parts service and comprehensive support, it provides customers with 7X24 round-the-clock service. The scope of services includes installation and commissioning tests, warranty services and planned maintenance beyond the warranty period, upgrade and so on, covering the entire life cycle of the product.


  Field service engineers are divided into five teams according to the region and function, namely teams responsible for Jiangsu area, Shanghai area, Guangzhou area,  and North China area and the support team.


——  Service purposes ——

Warm and thoughtful     /     standard service     /    timely service     /    active service     /    efficient service


—— Scope of services ——

1 / Supply of spare parts

As an equipment manufacturer, we can provide customers with high-quality original parts. We can quickly and accurately provide spare parts quotations based simple spare parts information which provide by customers; our company has a complete quality management system, and all spare parts production is completed under strict quality process control, the quality of spare parts is reliable, with long service life, and can greatly reduce the loss due to slow work of equipment. We have a sufficient inventory of spare parts, including commonly motors, pumps, engine, brake pads and other parts. We also have a spare parts warehouse in Singapore to store commonly hydraulic parts, which can ensure the rapid supply of spare parts worldwide.

 | Reliable quality of original WMMP parts:

Have equipment design and manufacturing information to ensure accurate adaptation of spare parts

All spare parts are brand new and undergo rigorous inspection and testing

Provide factory certificate and third-party certificate according to customer requirements

Sufficient spare parts inventory, there is a spare parts warehouse established in Singapore

Fast delivery worldwide


2 / Equipment maintenance and repair

WMMP engineer will respond to the service and repair request of customers at any time of a day, to reduce client’s losses caused by equipment slow-down. As a manufacturer of equipment, we have detailed drawings and technical data of products which can help us quickly and accurately locate faults, formulate the most suitable repair schemes and plans, and complete the maintenance and service work of various equipment with high quality.

The company has rich experience in the supporting fields of marine and offshore engineering. We have highly skilled hydraulic, mechanical and electrical engineers, all of whom have very rich repair and practical experience, and have good English communication skills, and can be competent for the maintenance and repair of company products or similar products not produced by the company.

Service engineers are ready to provide services for customers at any time. They can solve problems for customers with the best solution and the fastest speed whenever they need it.

 | Service provided by WMMP:

    ✔ Equipment troubleshooting

    ✔ Planned repairs and maintenance

    ✔ Guidance service for docking repair engineering

    ✔ Maintenance of similar non-company products


3 / Routine inspection

Some flag states mandate that equipment must undergo annual inspection or special inspection every five year. These inspections can reduce the risk of equipment damage and ensure efficient operation of the equipment.

We also recommend that the equipment undergo routine inspections before docking. After the routine inspections, we will issue a detailed and professional inspection report, evaluate the equipment status and make repair suggestions, and develop a personalized repair plan for customers.

 | Routine inspection and docking repair work of WMMP products:

    ✔ Marine products (routine inspection of crane, anchor winch, steering gear; 5 years/10 years maintenance for load test, motor and pump, servo pump of the main pump, etc.)

    ✔ Marine engineering equipment (towing winch, offshore crane, jacking system, liquid cargo handling system) 

    ✔ Power propulsion system (controllable pitch propeller, bow thruster, azimuth thruster, water jet propulsion device)

    ✔ Bridge and water conservancy engineering equipment (ship lift, cable saddle, cable clamp) 

    ✔ Offshore Self-evaluating Unit integration


4 / Service Agreement

In order to ensure the normal use of your equipment, we can sign annual service agreement with long-term cooperative customers. We will analyze your equipment conditions and tailor service plans and service agreements for you, so that you can get the best quality service at the least cost.


5 / Installation and commissioning

In order to ensure the optimal use of WMMP equipment, we can provide equipment installation and commissioning services.


6 / Training and technical support

The ability and quality of personnel are essential factors for efficient and safe operation of ships. The correct maintenance of equipment is of great significance to extend the life and service cycle of the equipment. WMMP has developed a variety of training courses for crew, equipment management personnel, and maintenance.

 | Training courses provided by WMMP

    ✔ Principle and structure of the product

    ✔ Operation training

    ✔ Maintenance training

    ✔ Customized training


7 / Upgrade

WMMP provides upgrading and transformation services of products. Through the upgrading and transformation of equipment, existing equipment can obtain more functions and longer service periods. Upgrading services usually include pre-investigation, technical solutions, construction design, manufacturing, on-site installation and commissioning.

 | Purpose of upgrading:

    ✔ Extend the service cycle of equipment

    ✔ Expand equipment functions and improve equipment efficiency

    ✔ Meet the latest standard requirements.


8 / Remote guidance

Equipment troubleshooting and identification of damaged parts are very time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially for ships in operation. Ships suspended or off-hire ships due to equipment slowdown often causes huge losses. By installing the WMMP remote fault diagnosis system, WMMP engineers can read the fault code through PLC data, so as to carry out remote diagnose and troubleshoot of equipment. Engineers can troubleshoot for you without boarding, which will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and expense.

We can also install sensors on the key parts of the equipment to detect the wear and use condition of the parts. These data allows us to predict in advance when to replace these parts, instead of waiting for the parts to be damaged, thus avoiding unnecessary losses.


9 / Quick response and customer support

WMMP provides 7 days 24-hour after-sales support services, and our managers' mailboxes and telephones are kept open 24 hours a day. We guarantee to make an effective response within 24 hours after receiving the service request, and we can arrange personnel to the scene within 48 hours.


—— Service network ——

✔ After-sales service network cover major coastal ports and adjacent shipyards. After-sales service engineers stay in after-sales service point and surrounding areas for a long time. As long as customer needs, we will respond in time and solve problems for customers as soon as possible.


✔ The overseas stations of WMMP after-sales service spread in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, America, Australia and other places. The main service points are established in Hamburg and Bremen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Kidminster in the UK, Visakhapatnam in India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Nagoya, Panama, Houston, Australia, etc. Please refer to the network diagram for details.


✔ As long as the user sends a service request, we will send service engineer from the above service station nearby to ensure the normal use of the equipment on board. In addition, most of the service engineers in the after-sales service center hold passports. If the ship schedule allows, we will directly send our service engineers to overseas ports for boarding services.

—— Statement ——

We solemnly declare that the after-sales service center of Wuhan Marine Machinery Co., Ltd. is the only window for WMMP product services, and no unit is authorized to act as an agent for our products. The spare parts purchased from irregular channels will bring significant equipment risks and safety hazards.


—— Contect us ——

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