Scientific Research Strength

1 / Physical Testing Capability

WMMP has established 6 test stations, 32 test stands in total, which are controlled and managed by the central control center through the integrated test data management system

A . Deck & Towing System

WMMP has built a large tonnage load tower with an effective stroke of 32m and a dynamic load of 300t, a 500t winch load test bench, an 850kW hydraulic motor power recovery test bench, a 4100L / min high flow hydraulic pump power recovery test bench. The hydraulic power unit has the hydraulic driving capacity of 3,000L/min under the high pressure of 35MPa and 12,000L/min under the low pressure of 8Mpa, and has the ability of tension control, dynamic braking of anchoring, 1.25 times overload test verification for towing winch of 600 tons and below, full series of anchor winch & anchor positioning device. It has established the test bench of comprehensive marine replenishment system, which can simulate very rough sea conditions, the max. single replenishment weight of dry cargo replenishment system is 2 tons, the max. transmission capacity of liquid cargo supply system is 700 m3 / h, the max. supply distance is 50 m, and the max. wave compensation travel is ± 8 M.

B . Liquid Cargo Handling System

WMMP has built test benches for turbine cargo oil pump system, hydraulic submersible liquid pump system, electric deep well pump system, low temperature pump system, and FPSO stern offloading system, which can support the liquid cargo system of 300,000 Tons crude oil tanker, various specifications of product oil /chemical tanker, FPSO and other large-scale equipment. It can test and verify the  performance of liquid cargo handling products with the power of 3000kW and below, and can simulate the actual working conditions and test and verify key technologies, products and systems.

C . Steering gear

WMMP has built the load test-bed of steering gear, with the maximum load simulation capacity of 2 * 2800knm, which can simulate the actual operation conditions of the steering gear, and meet the verification requirements for the performance and reliability of the steering gear.

D . Propulsion and Dynamic Positioning System

WMMP has built the controllable-pitch propeller combined adjustment test-bed and podded propeller underwater operation test-bed. It can test and verify the static balance combined adjustment of whole controllable pitch propeller, whole propeller’s static balance, propeller hub’s static balance and oil distributor operation, as well as the underwater operation of POD propeller.


2 / Virtual Test Capability

WMMP has the capability of conducting structural static and dynamic analysis, mechanism dynamics analysis, fluid analysis (including hydrodynamic performance analysis of hull, pump and propeller), hydraulic control system analysis, electrical control system analysis, and electromechanical-hydraulic analysis, as well as designing advanced digital prototypes, and verifying product virtual test technology and virtual reality technology. It has built a virtual design and test center with the multi-channel immersive virtual experience function. It adopts virtual reality technology to build an immersive virtual experience environment for the research & development of products. It has the interface of central control platform and remote product monitoring platform. Through the immersive communication between designers, users and engineers, WMMP has improved its capability of tapping into personalized product demand. Through the semi physical simulation method based on virtual reality, WMMP has achieved the immersion simulation verification of the control system and operation process. Through the immersion virtual experience environment, the virtual operation training is realized. With the assistance of the remote product monitoring platform, the immersive appearance of faults is realized, so as to facilitate the remote diagnosis of faults.