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Signed an order for large offshore cranes


Recently, CSSC Group WMMP and Yantai Salvage Bureau have once again joined hands and successfully signed a contract for a 1,000T shallow-water submerged salvage engineering ship master crane. The crane is another cooperation between Wuhan Ship Machinery and Yantai Salvage Bureau after it has undertaken the 1200T circum-pile crane project supporting the pile-inserting rescue and salvage engineering ship.


The crane is a 1000-ton full-slewing crane with a maximum lifting tonnage of 1200 tons during fixed lifting. It is included in the CCS classification society. It can be used for installation and construction of wind turbines in offshore and shallow waters under sitting, floating and semi-submersible conditions and salvage lifting operation. WMMP will apply the new technology of the intelligent monitoring system to build the crane to realize the upgrading of traditional products.


The successful signing of this crane contract is a reaffirmation of the customer's product quality and good service awareness of WMMP, and further strengthens the foundation for cooperation between the two parties. As a major equipment for shallow water salvage projects, this crane will greatly enhance my country's marine shallow water salvage capacity after being put into use, and make positive contributions to the high-quality development of offshore salvage projects. 

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