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The KPM cylinder steering gear of the 210,000-ton bulk carrier completed the ship inspection and inspection


Recently, the labor competition project of WMMP Steering Gear Machinery Department-KPM cylinder steering gear completed the ship inspection and meeting inspection ahead of schedule, which was well received by classification societies and customers.

The steering gear is a KPM cylinder steering gear for the 210,000-ton bulk carrier. Chen Xinyu fitter team of the steering gear machinery department is responsible for the assembly of the whole machine. In order to fully ensure the product quality and schedule requirements, before the assembly operation, Chen Xinyu led the team members Huang Ronghui, Wu Bin, and Wu Feng to earnestly familiarize with the drawing process requirements, clarify the major difficulties, actively communicate with the technicians, optimize the assembly process, and carefully carry out the pre-assembly confirmation. In the assembly process, they strictly implement the quality and technical requirements, and strictly implement each work step. In order to ensure the free rotation of the main pump swash plate of the key component of the fuel tank and meet the flatness requirements, they repeated the meter calibration, carefully cleaned and assembled every part. During the meeting inspection test, the meeting inspector temporarily proposed to check the cleanliness of the double rudder full rudder and the internal cavity of the steering gear after the test. After testing, the double rudder full rudder data meets the standard, the oil is clear and high-quality, and other test performance meets the requirements. The inspection staff unanimously praised it. Chen Xinyu's team members run through the whole process of product assembly with sincerity, perseverance, and ingenuity, reflecting their internal quality and external performance in continuously optimizing and improving product quality.

During the whole process of the steering gear assembly test, the department's product supervisor and dispatcher Wang Jianqiang actively coordinated and organized production, the civil engineering center technician Weng Jing and the quality department inspector Qin Wenjing took the initiative to guide and control product technology and quality. They are the same as Chen Xinyu’s team members. , Keep improving, efficient coordination, and actively implement the core values ​​of the "Three Products and Three Hearts", strive to satisfy customers, create high-quality marine machinery, and help the company's high-quality development.

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