Wind turbine installation vessel

The wind turbine installation platform is mainly used for the lifting of offshore wind farm wind turbine installation and offshore construction operations as well as floating crane. The platform can carry and install mainstream offshore wind turbine models of 6 to 8MW and below. It can carry out lifting, piling, hoisting and transportation operations of offshore 8MW wind turbine equipment and other water engineering constructions; able to carry out single pile foundations, jacket foundations, multi-pile bearing foundations and wall pile frame types of offshore wind power installations Foundation construction; the wind turbine impeller can be pre-installed on the deck. The main equipment of the platform: large cranes for wind turbine installation, continuous hydraulic yoke and pin jacking system and other equipment. Our company has successfully constructed and delivered the first 1200t self-propelled self-elevating wind power installation platform in China.


Main parameter

Specific parameters:
Lifting capacity 1200t
Overall length ~132.8 m
Length between water lines 103.8 m
Shape width 41.0 m
8.2 m depth
Maximum operating water depth, including tidal range 50 m
Design draft ~5.2m
Floating crane operation draft ~5.5m
Speed not less than 7.0kn
Dynamic positioning capability DP-1
Self-sustaining power 20 d
Capacity 100 Person
Number of legs 4
Leg length 85m