Self-elevating operation support

The WMPP series self-elevating operation support platform is mainly used for offshore oil and gas production operation support, lifting support and accommodation support. The main equipment of the platform includes jacking system, crane, propulsion system, anchoring positioning system, etc. At present, the platform and its main systems have formed a series of pedigrees.And the company's self-elevating support platforms cover the operating depth range of 150ft to 350ft. Until now, a total of 13 have been built and delivered, and the products cover domestic and international markets.


Main parameter

Working depth 150ft~350ft
Specific parameters:
Maximum water depth (ft) 150 ~350
Deck area (m2) 600~≥1600
Variable deck load (t) 800~≥2500
Leg form Cylindrical leg, truss leg
Maximum lifting speed (m/min) optional
Lifting capacity optional
Navigation aid positioning optional
Residents can be customized