The company has established a national-level enterprise technology center, a national marine engineering and electromechanical laboratory, a post-doctoral scientific research workstation, and a broad technology development platform. Under the direct business leadership of the Hubei Vocational Skills Appraisal and Guidance Center, the company established the National Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute which conducts employee vocational skill appraisal every year, and organizes the evaluation and application of professional titles and the appraisal of technicians and senior technicians every two years. The company organizes a large number of training and business exchanges to promote the growth of talents in accordance with work requirements and personal career development needs of employees every year. Every year, the best talents in each position of the company are selected as mentors, and good young employees with potential are selected as "apprentices". While cross-department pairing, signing the company-level "Tutors and Apprentice Target Responsibility Letter", giving monthly allowances to the mentors, different levels of incentives are given according to the completion of their goals. Every year, outstanding young people with development potential are selected to participate in various training, camps and competitions of companies, group company, provinces and cities, and special technical experts and skill experts are arranged for targeted guidance. The company won the National Skilled Talents Cultivation Outstanding Contribution Award. It is a provincial-level demonstration internship training base for universities in Hubei recognized by the Hubei Provincial Government. It has been selected into the Wuhan "Yellow Crane Talents (High Skills) Program" and has made outstanding achievements in the training of skilled talents


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