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Spherical Hinge for Beam Rotation

Rotaional spherical hinge is the core part of grider-pier rotation, which can guarantee the safe and steady operation. The rotaional spherical hinge which has been launched includes to two types: spherical hinge for balanced rotation(for pier bottom rotation construction,for pier top rotation construction) and spherical hinge for unbanlanced rotation(asymmetric rotating spherical hinge, unlift rotating spherical hinge).

The design vertical load(for pier bottom,for pier top ) of spherical hinge for balanced rotation is from 3000 ton to 50000 ton (30000KN to 500000KN). Our product has many advantages such as simple structure and low traction, which also has safety device to prevent the upper structure from capsizing. And the special block device can stop over turning and restore to design position. Such projects are widely used in projects spanning existing lines on new bridges.

The total weight of rotation beam for unbalanced rotation(asymmetric rotating spherical hinge, unlift rotating spherical hinge) is nomally less then 30000 ton (300000 KN), which is suitable for the unbalanced project whose weight of the left and right swings of the rotating bridge (after counterweight ) extremely is unbalanced . The device can adopt a rotating body driven by a motor/rack and pinion. The rotating body speed is steplessly adjustable, and it can be used for forward and reverse rotation,at the same time, it can be used simultaneously with the anti-pull slide to improve the stability of the large cantilever rotating beam. The launch of this type of rotation device has filled the gap that bridge rotation cannot be carried out in densely constructed urban areas in China

CASES:Huaihua-Shaoyang-Hengyang Railway, Wuhan to Shiyan Railway, Zhengzhou to Wanzhou Railway, Wuhan Changqing Road, Baoji Guopan Road ,Jiangxi Ganzhou to Shen Passenger Line Railway ,Chongqing Wanjiagou Bridge,Wuhan Northern Fouth Ring Road,Wuhan City Zone, Wuhan Yangsi Port etc.





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