Single Surface Friction Pendulum Isolator

Single surface friction pendulum bearing is developed following the principle of a pendulum and consists of a curved main sliding surface and a secondary sliding surface to accommodate rotations. When the earthquake action is higher than the static friction, the superstructure will move according to the curved main sliding surface extending the natural period of the structure, reducing the seismic response and providing re-centering capability. Energy is dissipated by the friction on the main sliding surface whilst rotation between upper and lower bearing plates is achieved through the secondary sliding surface. By using the HSM sliding material developed by Hirun with very high compressive strength, excellent stability of hysteresis curve and high temperature resistance, we can guarantee a very long service life. The vertical load normally varies from 1000kN to 100000kN, and can be designed for higher demand. This product can be widely applied to bridges, buildings and other civil engineering structures.

The approval and certificate of Hirun single surface friction pendulum bearing includes CE certificate in conformity to EN15129.


Typical references for Hirun single surface friction pendulum bearing include:
China: Dayue Highway, Zhengzhou Agriculture Road.
Oversea: Romania ST Highway, Indonesia Holtekam Bridge etc.


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