Viscous Damper

Viscous damper consists of a steel cylinder filled by silicon fluid divided in two chambers by a piston. The piston incorporates a system of valves which allow the silicon fluid to move from one chamber to the other according to the piston movements. For slow movements the device generates a negligible reaction. In case of earthquake or strong wind, the silicon oil flowing through the valve system dissipates energy, reducing the seismic or wind action. The axial load normally varies from 100kN to 15000kN, and can be designed for higher demand. This product can be applied to bridges and high-rise buildings. One typical application is in combination with Tuned Mass Dampers.

The approval and certificate of Hirun viscous damper includes CE certificate in conformity to EN15129.


Typical references for Hirun viscous damper include:
Lanzhou Hekou Yellow River Bridge, Xiangjiaba Ship Lifting Machinery, KuningJindong Bridge, Baituo River Bridge, Lanzhou Xigu Yellow River Bridge, Second ZhoushanXiaogan Bridge, Wuzhong to Zhongwei Railway, Yinchuan Yellow River Bridge,Second Humen Bridge etc.


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