TMD Tuned Mass Damper

Tuned mass damper basically consists of a mass, a spring and a damping system, which is installed in the structure where biggest vibrations occur. The damping can be achieved by viscous dampers, high damping rubber, eddy currents etc. The frequency of the TMD shall be tuned to be the same of the main structure so that, when that frequency is excited, the TMD will resonate out of phase with the structure dissipating energy and reducing the vibration of the main structure granting its safety and functionality. The TMD designed by Hirun are maintenance-free and easy for installation. They allow for a wide range of frequency tuning, This product can be applied to high-rise buildings and flexible bridge structures with large span.


Typical references for Hirun tuned mass damper include:

Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, IKEA Pedestrian Bridge, Laboratory in Wuhan University of Science and Technology. 



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