Lead Rubber Bearing

Lead rubber bearing is a combination of normal elastomeric bearing with one or more lead cores inserted to improve the damping effect. The lead rubber bearingtransfers the vertical and horizontal load from the structure with re-centering capacity, while the lead core dissipates energy thanks to its plastic deformation. The performance can be repeated for many cycles due to the re-crystallization of the lead core after the deformation. Lead rubber bearing has a large vertical stiffness to support the superstructure with negligible deflection, a low horizontal stiffness to achieve large displacements in case of earthquake and excellent damping effect to reduce the seismic action. This product can be widely applied to bridges, buildings and other civil engineering structures.

The approval and certificate of Hirun lead rubber bearing includes CE certificate in conformity to EN15129.


Typical references for Hirun lead rubber bearing include:
Indonesia Jakarta LRT, Indonesia Jakarta MRT, Shanmenxia Yellow River Bridge, YunanA’wang Middle School, Yunnan Dongtang Highway etc.


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