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Submerged arc welding wire and flux

Temo submerged arc welding wire/flux powder include non-alloy steel, fine grain steel, low alloy high strength steel and other supporting products, such as MCJH08MnA/SJ101, MCJH10Mn2/SJ101 and MCJQ-1 /SJ101, many of them have been certified by ship classification societies.Submerged arc welding wire specification covers of various specifications 2.0-5.0 mm, or customerized specifications, can provide different weights in roll, hollow package and drum, can adapt to the single submerged arc welding and double wire submerged arc welding, more than three wire and wire submerged arc welding, submerged arc horizontal welding and other welding technology, widely used on ships, marine engineering, bridges, engineering machinery and other fields.


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